Comprehensive truck tyre maintenance from Horndean Tyres

Since 1980, Horndean Tyres have focussed on providing the best truck tyre maintenance services to fully meet your requirements.

We understand that every business relies on their vehicle fleet for the safe and timely distribution of their goods, passengers and services. Horndean Tyres are here to support this mission by maximising uptime for all your vehicles and trailers. Our team of skilled tyre technicians take pride in providing a lifecycle of comprehensive truck tyre maintenance, whatever the brand of tyre. All designed to ensure your fleet remains operational, safe and compliant on every journey.

Horndean Tyres offer two options for on-site commercial truck tyre maintenance:

Proactive tyre management

Our proactive tyre management is designed to maximise your vehicle uptime. Our skilled tyre technicians will regularly perform detailed tyre inspections during scheduled downtime. These are proven to identify issues that we can rectify with our tyre maintenance services before they escalate. Our in-depth knowledge and familiarity of your fleet will systematically extend tyre service life and increase fleet performance.

Responsive service

Our responsive service gives you access to our full range of tyre maintenance services. Simply contact us with the tyre maintenance service required and we will arrange a convenient appointment to visit. Our tyre technicians will report any additional actions necessary to maximise tyre life and keep your vehicles safe.

Regrooving commercial tyres

Our team of truck tyre technicians are fully trained to regroove commercial tyres in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification.

Regrooving should be performed when the original tread is 3-4mm deep. We start with a thorough inspection of the tread and casing to make sure they are in good condition and only display regular wear. We then carefully regroove the original tread pattern and perform a final check before refitting. Regrooving extends tyre service life by 15-20% without any compromise on safety or performance.

Tyre pressure correction

The job of the tyre and wheel assembly is to hold high pressure air in place. All the vehicle’s load is supported on the air pressure inside the tyre. This makes air the critical component in the service life of every commercial tyre.

Tyre casings and valves can never be totally airtight, you should expect a 3% pressure loss every month. Horndean Tyres can detect incorrect pressure when the tyres are cold during our routine inspections. This can also highlight slow punctures, which left unchecked could deteriorate and cause unnecessary cost and downtime. By frequently correcting the air pressure, the friction and rolling resistance of the tyre will be minimised – extending service life whilst reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. The vehicle’s handling, braking and stability will also be optimised.

Turning on the rim

Our detailed tyre inspections are designed to catch tyres that can benefit from routine maintenance. We recommend turning on the rim if the tyre has excessive shoulder wear or sidewall abrasion – all caused through day-to-day operation.

Turning on the rim involves remounting the tyre with the outer sidewall repositioned to the inboard edge of the wheel. This will even out the tyre wear to enable the tread to come back to a consistent depth and protects the sidewall from further abrasion. This will prevent premature replacement of the tyre and ensure the casing is suitable for retreading at the end of its life.


Twinning involves carefully matching the tread depth on vehicles with twin wheel arrangements. We always recommend there is less than 5mm variation on tyres across the axle. These ‘twinned’ tyres will deliver even tyre wear and optimise vehicle safety.

In a twin arrangement if one tyre is worn and the other is new, the weight load on the tyre with more tread will be increased. This creates extra friction that accelerates tyre wear and generates excessive heat. This build-up of heat can damage the tyre and prevent future regrooving and retreading. Left unchecked it could even provoke an uncontrolled tyre failure during operation.

Wheel rotation

Our team of highly trained tyre technicians are experts at maximising tyre service life across vehicle fleets. Our tyre inspections and experience will identify tyres that can benefit from wheel rotation to encourage even wear.

Wheel rotation involves relocating wheels from one axle to another, and even between vehicles if suitable and safe. The tyres on steer axle always experience greater wear as they work hardest. A timely wheel rotation to the slower-wearing lift axle is more cost effective than letting the tyre wear out and replacement. We recommend regrooving the steer tyres at the time of relocation to drive extra value. Similarly, on triaxle trailers the tyres on the rear most axle experience the greatest wear. A relocation to the slower-wearing middle axle will proactively manage the differing rates of wear.

Safe puncture and damage repairs

The key to any puncture repair is that the pressure loss is detected quickly, for example in a daily walkaround check, so that the tyre is not driven on when flat.

Our qualified truck tyre technicians will remove the tyre from the wheel rim to enable careful examination. If the tread and casing are found to be in good condition and undamaged, we repair the puncture in accordance with British Standard AU 159. Horndean Tyres only use high-quality materials to ensure that all minor repairs are safe and long-lasting.

If a tyre has damage beyond the scope of our on-site repair service, we can send it away to our specialist tyre partner for a major repair. After thorough checks, they can determine if a complete vulcanised repair is possible. This will allow the tyre to continue operation for the rest of its designed service life.

Wheel alignment service

When our truck tyre technicians detect uneven tyre wear, they may analyse it is due to incorrect wheel alignment. Commercial wheels become out of alignment for a variety of reasons – from impact with potholes and roadside kerbs, to debris on the road.

With many new vehicles sourced on full Repair & Maintenance contracts we typically report the defect for your OEM service provider to remedy at the next planned truck tyre maintenance. Alternatively, we recommend our specialist partner who provides a dedicated truck wheel alignment service. Their skilled alignment technicians use calibrated laser technology to realign your steering and trailer axles to the manufacturer’s specification. Correct wheel alignment will optimise rolling resistance to reduce risk, minimise fuel consumption and carbon emissions.


Skilled and compliant tyre technicians

Our highly skilled truck tyre technicians have years of knowledge and expertise gained from working with a diverse selection of commercial vehicles. Working from your local Horndean Tyres service centre they will become familiar with your fleet. Operationally, this knowledge and understanding will allow them to become a trusted part of your fleet management and maintenance team.

Horndean Tyres invest in training to ensure we are fully compliant with accredited industry standards, including the City & Guilds Licence to Fit programme, the NTDA Licensed Commercial Tyre Technician and REACT Roadside Emergency Licences.

This ensures Horndean Tyres have a consistently skilled workforce that will minimise avoidable tyre risk in your commercial fleet.

Robust and safe procedures

Safety is always Horndean Tyres top concern. Doing things safely means doing things correctly. Our robust work procedures and policies are carefully defined to ensure we consistently perform our fleet tyre services in a rigorous and methodical process.

We create a safe work environment with health and safety compliant to current legislation. The safety of our tyre technicians is paramount as they work across a range of premises, from the relative safety of your depots and vehicle service centres, to working next to the roadside.

All our skilled technicians have years of experience and are trained to accredited industry standards. Supported by our fleet of dedicated service vehicles that are comprehensively equipped with the correct and calibrated tools for every job. We utilise electronic job sheets to instantly share an audit trail of photographs, torque settings and information of all the work performed.

This high level of compliance is designed to minimise avoidable risk and ensure professional results – driving our commitment to continual improvement. We will never compromise on the safety of our employees, our customers, and other road users.

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