Multi-brand commercial tyres

Horndean Tyres offers the best choice of new and retread multi-brand commercial tyres for every commercial vehicle fleet. As multi-brand commercial tyre specialists, our long-term experience has provided an invaluable insight into tyre performance and reliability in every situation. This enables us to offer truly impartial advice on truck tyre selection whatever commercial vehicles you operate.

Your business can benefit from running tyres from different manufacturers across your fleet. With tyres selected to best suit the demands of your operation, each vehicle and the axle. Our multi-brand commercial tyre recommendations are proven to keep your fleet mobile and deliver the lowest lifetime tyre costs.

The best truck tyres for the job

Since 1980, Horndean Tyres have been dedicated to supplying the best choice of commercial tyres for every vehicle in your fleet:

  • HGV
  • Rigid truck
  • Tractor unit
  • Trailer
  • PSV
  • Bus
  • Coach
  • Van
  • Premium tyres
  • Mid-range tyres
  • Retread tyres
  • Steer axle tyres
  • Drive axle tyres
  • Lift axle tyres
  • Trailer axle tyres
  • Budget tyres

We stock over 1,000 commercial vehicle tyres in a wide selection of popular sizes. With access to around 35,000 tyres at the regional warehouses of our supply chain.

You can trust Horndean Tyres to fit the commercial tyres you need.

Premium commercial tyres

  • Bridgestone
  • Continental
  • Goodyear
  • Hankook

Retread commercial tyres

  • Bandag
  • Bandvulc
  • Seryt
  • TTS
  • Vaculug

Mid-range commercial tyres

  • Firestone
  • Uniroyal

Budget commercial tyres

  • Westlake

Mobile commercial tyre service

Horndean Tyres operate a fully mobile tyre service for commercial vehicle fleets.

Our team of highly trained technicians can safely fit tyres across a range of premises. From your depots to vehicle service centres – so long as it is safe and they have enough space. Our fleet of specialist service vehicles are modern and well-maintained. They are comprehensively equipped with the right tools for every job, ensuring we can safely remove, refit and inflate truck tyres.

Typically, we work on vehicles in scheduled downtime to maximise the availability of our customer fleets. Our carefully defined work procedures and policies guarantee we perform our fleet tyre services in the safest, most consistent and professional manner.

All new tyres should be ‘bedded-in’ at low speeds for the first 300 kilometres or so, to allow the tyre beads to set firmly on the wheel rims.

Multi-life / Retread commercial tyres

Horndean Tyres are committed to commercial tyres that are designed for multiple lives. These are regrooved by our tyre technicians at the end of their first life, which extends their service life by a further 15-20%.

After this life, they are re-manufactured with a new tread pattern and sidewall at UK-based facilities. Every retread tyre is manufactured to exacting standards with rigorous quality control to ensure compliance with the EC 109 Standard. Consequently, they are just as safe as a new premium tyre and provide similar performance – but at a fraction of the price. Tyres designed for multiple lives can achieve three life cycles in total.

Retread tyres are also good for the environment. They typically save 44 kg of rubber, 68 litres of oil and 182 kg of carbon dioxide – compared to making a new premium tyre.

Across Europe over one third of all commercial vehicles run retread tyres.

Steel truck wheels and alloy truck wheels

We recognise that truck wheels get damaged in operation. Horndean Tyres stock a range of replacement steel wheels in a selection of popular sizes, rim widths and bolt patterns to maximise fleet uptime.

Horndean Tyres can additionally specify truck alloy wheels for your vehicles. We offer alloy wheels from the leading manufacturers that are exceptionally strong and incredibly light, improving the payload and the fuel efficiency of your vehicles. They are also highly attractive and virtually maintenance free.

Truck and trailer TPMS technology

Horndean Tyres only recommend TPMS platforms engineered to work across every tyre in your fleet. We recognise you operate different makes of vehicles and trailers, with each running different brands of new and retread tyres.

Our skilled truck tyre technicians are accredited installers for a range of different TPMS technologies. These are designed with powerful telematics so you can benefit from real time information on the condition of your tyres. In the event of pressure loss this will provide a time to failure warning – giving you advanced warning so you can take steps to prevent downtime and delayed deliveries.

End of life tyre disposal

Horndean Tyres strive to ensure your commercial tyres achieve the longest possible service life. However, at the end of their design life over 95% of every tyre is recycled: in man-made sport surfaces, playground flooring, tyre derived fuels, road construction and sealants.


Skilled and compliant tyre technicians

Our highly skilled truck tyre technicians have years of knowledge and expertise gained from working with a diverse selection of commercial vehicles. Working from your local Horndean Tyres service centre they will become familiar with your fleet. Operationally, this knowledge and understanding will allow them to become a trusted part of your fleet management and maintenance team.

Horndean Tyres invest in training to ensure we are fully compliant with accredited industry standards, including the City & Guilds Licence to Fit programme, the NTDA Licensed Commercial Tyre Technician and REACT Roadside Emergency Licences.

This ensures Horndean Tyres have a consistently skilled workforce that will minimise avoidable tyre risk in your commercial fleet.

Robust and safe procedures

Safety is always Horndean Tyres top concern. Doing things safely means doing things correctly. Our robust work procedures and policies are carefully defined to ensure we consistently perform our fleet tyre services in a rigorous and methodical process.

We create a safe work environment with health and safety compliant to current legislation. The safety of our tyre technicians is paramount as they work across a range of premises, from the relative safety of your depots and vehicle service centres, to working next to the roadside.

All our skilled technicians have years of experience and are trained to accredited industry standards. Supported by our fleet of dedicated service vehicles that are comprehensively equipped with the correct and calibrated tools for every job. We utilise electronic job sheets to instantly share an audit trail of photographs, torque settings and information of all the work performed.

This high level of compliance is designed to minimise avoidable risk and ensure professional results – driving our commitment to continual improvement. We will never compromise on the safety of our employees, our customers, and other road users.

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Horndean Tyres provide commercial tyre services to HGVs, rigid trucks, tractor units, trailers, PSVs, buses, coaches and vans across central southern England – specifically Hampshire, East Dorset, West Sussex, Berkshire, Wiltshire and Surrey.